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D.N. Angel Update (Again)

Volume 11 Cover ArtOhisashiburi! Looks like I’ll be back to posting starting this month, and since the comments on the D.N. Angel blog entry have just been piling up and volume 11 is newly released in English, that seemed like the most logical thing to update first.

Tokyopop put out the final volume of the series on August 23, 2006, a full eight months after the release of volume 10. Even if you’d given up hope, you should be able to find it by now! Unfortunately, that is the final book in the series – for now - and the anime (which has been licensed by ADV and is available in a subtitled box set) is long since finished. The series does end with a bit of a cliffhanger, unfortunately – mangaka Sugisaki Yukiru is currently working on a series for Shounen Ace called EDEN, and the last time D.N. Angel ran in ASUKA magazine was August 2005. It’s not known when or if the storyline will continue, but if I obtain any new information on it I’ll be sure to post here. It doesn’t look like the novels or the animation-manga will be translated into English either at this point.

In any case, someone asked for a link to buy the English volume 11 online; perhaps you found the book by now, but if not you can pick it up on Amazon. Someone else inquired about buying the sountrack; for that I’d recommend trying CDJapan or Amazon Japan (search “D.N. Angel” in English). Both offer international shipping and English navigation to some extent. A link back to the D.N. Angel sheet music article is here for those who haven’t seen it. And I can’t give you guys any info on where to download the manga, which is what some people are commenting and asking for – wouldn’t you rather buy it and have a copy you can take anywhere? Support the industry, especially if you all love D.N. Angel as much as you say you do!

Feel free to ask any other questions you have, and if they’re within my power to answer, I’ll make a post or update with the info!

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9 Responses to “D.N. Angel Update (Again)”

  1. Ryan A Says:

    Wow, thank you for the news! I’ve been lucky enough with the D.N.Angel series because they have every published volume at the local library. I was quite suprised; I’m just a poor student so library manga has been great.

  2. Skit Dane Says:

    Thanks for the information T-T it so sad that its done but with the clif hanger ending that was just mean!

  3. madina Says:

    I love japanees cartoons

  4. Zulkifli Says:

    Yeah.. but actually I kinda like the anime version more.. It’s a matter of preference I guess..

    I’ve listed a few shop to buy DN Angel DVD here..

  5. Anya Says:

    hey is it still possible to buy the anime books? i mean its probably so long since it started….. if so how much are they? (i mean all of them)

  6. Manda Says:

    So how many volumes are there??
    I have 1-11 in english and in the back of 11 it says there’s another one but it’s been like forever since the 11th one came out and everyone says the series is over!!
    I’m so confused

  7. Sozo-kun Says:

    I am a HUGE fan of this anime and the manga. I really pray and hope that Sugisaki-Dono picks the story back up, and TRUELY finishes it. Its one of my all time favorites, and to me it never really ended. When I go to my book store I always look to see if there is a book 12. I hope one day there is…

  8. sana Says:

    omG the 11th english volume is finally out? i can’t believe it! do u know if i can download them somwhere becos the libraries here don’t sell D.N.Angel volumes, i tried ordering them but i never got a reply or anything(i’ve been trying for 2 years :P) anw if any1 knows can u tell me thx ^^

  9. Andi Says:

    Will there be D.N. Angel Season 2 for anime or D.N. Angel 2 for Manga…
    I wish.. I don’t like its end so quick…

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