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MeruPuri: Märchen Prince

MeruPuri volume 4 cover, copyright Hino MatsuriMeruPuri is a short, sweet, funny romantic comedy that ran in LaLa magazine from 2002 through 2004, and has recently released its final volume in North America. It was written by Hino Matsuri, also known for her popular Vampire Knight series, which is currently running in LaLa as well.

The story is the fairy-tale romance of Hoshina Airi, a high-school girl with great expectations for the romance she hopes to someday have, based on the events of her favourite TV drama. Airi doesn’t know, however, that she is descended of a traitorous royal bloodline from the alternate-universe kingdom of Astale. When the prince of that world comes tumbling through Airi’s heirloom mirror seeking sanctuary, Airi doesn’t know just what she’s gotten herself into.

Worse, little Prince Aram has been beset with a curse – when in dark places, he ages into a teenager and loses his magic powers, and he requires a kiss from a maiden of his choosing to return to normal. Airi is unwilling to comply at first, but she finds herself being more and more drawn to the mysterious prince…

MeruPuri features some beautiful colour artwork as well as omake material from the artist, and is a bit predictable at times, but is overall a sweet story that features a few new concepts. Look for it the next time you need a quick shoujo boost!


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One Response to “MeruPuri: Märchen Prince”

  1. Fong Yuk Yuu Says:

    i’ve read the entire series and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!! at 1st i thought it was dumb, but it was really a good short 4 vol. series!!!!! i was so sad it was only 4 volumes!! it’s a very special manga…
    i really enjoyed reading it and i hope you will read it too!

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